Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Gullwing Window / Right Hand Side Glass

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​The Front Runner Glass Gullwing Window replaces the stock RIGHT HAND rear window with an upward/outward opening window that is hinged at the top. Create easy access to the rear storage area of your Toyota Land Cruiser 76.

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The Front Runner Gullwing window replaces the rear window of a Toyota Land Cruiser 76 allowing easy access to the cargo bay via the side of the vehicle.While built for off-road durability and ease of use, the Front Runner Glass Gullwing Window looks smart and was designed to blend seamlessly with the exterior stylings of the vehicle. Includes 2 locking latches. The Toyota Land Cruiser 76 can be brought back to stock within minutes by removing and replacing with standard window. Drilling required for fitment.


Consists of:Steel Frame Hinges Gas strutsLocksSet of keysGlass Panel Materials used:Black powder-coated high strength steelTinted and toughened 6mm glass Product Dimensions:886mm (34.9) W x 537mm (21.1) H x 53mm (2.1) D Weight:14kg (30.9lbs)Glass specifications: Visible Light:Transmission: 44Reflection Outside: 5 Solar Energy:Total Elimination: 38Reflection Outside: 5Absorption 1: 47Direct Transmission: 47SHGC: 0.62 Shading Coefficient:Ratio: 0.71 U Value:(W/m2).K (Center of Glass): 5.8

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