kr. 159,00

These door hook straps are an add on to the Rev Straps and used to secure the Rev Tent directly to a vehicle roof when no load bars, cross bars, factory rails, or roof rack are present.

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Use these Rev Door Hooks to attach your Rev Tent for transport directly to a vehicle rooftop.

This set of 4 straps are used to extend the Rev Straps to reach and attach to inside the door frame of the vehicle. The hooks fit underneath the rubber trim and grab against the steel door frame. These Rev hooks must be used in combination with the Rev Straps.

Features UV and rot-resistant webbing.

NOTE:  It is not recommended to set your tent for transport directly on glass rooftops.   Steel roofs only, please!

CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE PURCHASE:  Take a quick look and see if your vehicle’s rubber door seal peels off sufficiently to expose the metal door frame.   These door hooks will not work on vehicles without a metal frame and without a weatherstripping seal around the door frame above the window.