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Ditch your sleeping bag and set your sleep free. This comfy weather resistant camp comforter is perfect for hot and cold nights and features a built-in foot pocket.

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The MuthaTucka puffy blanket is the ultimate mother’s bedtime tuck. No more struggling to keep that comforter folded over your feet for warmth. We’ve built in a pocket for your feet!  By combining the best part of a sleeping bag, the bottom, with the best part of a comforter, the freedom to roll over and stretch if desired, we’ve invented the ultimate camp blanket.

Ideal fit inside the Rev Tent for a solid night of warmth and comfort.

Don’t get chilly while you chill outside. The MuthaTucka puffy blanket isn’t just for inside the tent – the drizzle and dew water-resistant coating means you’ll stay dry and warm even in the foggiest, dankest weather.

Available in classic dark gray color, or C6 Outdoor inspired horizon pattern.

Store and transport in the included C6 Outdoor Dry Bag.

The ultimate sleep system for the Rev Tent pairs the MuthaTucka with the Rev Tent Fitted Sheet and Pillowcases, and 2 Camp+ Pillows.  For an extra dose of coziness, add a pair of C6 Slooze sleep shoes!