Ford F-150 Crew Cab (2015-2020) Slimsport Rack Wind Fairing – by Front Runner

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Reduce the drag and wind noise over the roof rack of your Ford F-150 Crew Cab with a wind fairing. The Slimsport Rack Wind Fairing channels air fluidly over your Slimsport Roof Rack (and the accessories loaded on it) to help reduce fuel consumption.

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A wind fairing for the KSFF006TBP. Air flows easily over the rack and accessories, reducing drag and wind noise. Helps fuel consumption while carrying bulky loads. A durable rubber blade is fitted to the bottom edge of the Wind Fairing to help seal any gaps and act as a roof guard when traveling over rough terrain. Brackets and installation hardware included. Note: For models with a front antenna, the fin or puck antenna outside edge must be 10” from the inside edge of the roof ditch. Please contact our help center if you are unsure. Works with or without a sunroof.

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Consists of:1 x Ford F-150 Super Crew Slimsport Rack Wind Fairing1 x Protection StripInstallation HardwareFitting Instructions Materials used:Black powder coated steel Product Dimensions:1405mm (55.3”) L x 219mm (8.6”) W x 223mm (8.8”) H Weight:4.02kg (8.9lbs)